216 Colored Buckyballs

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Neoballs are professional sculpture neodymium magnet spheres. 5mm diameter, n35 grade, with colorful Polymer coatings and precise Electroplate coatings. Our goal is to provide you great quality magnet spheres, at extremely aggressive prices, with minimal fluff. High powered magnets are not children’s toys.

Due to CPSC requirements, we are selling the magnets individually. However, shipping is flat rate no matter how many neoballs you purchase, whether you buy 216, or 21,600 magnet spheres.

A sliding tin container is included with every 216 magnets of a color. The custom designed and embossed tin is more than an attractive storage case, it also serves as magnetic shielding during transport. Also included with every 216 magnets of a color is a shaped tray for counting and easy removal from the tin.




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