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Magic Scratch Remover

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Eline Harmony

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Magic Scratch Remover Description

Scratch Remover Cloth for Car-Using Nanotechnology-Repair Scratches Product Pictures is Real--Have Same Effect The Scratch Removal System can remove light paint scratches and scuffs of your vehicle. Consisting of a three-stage system of sanding, it is designed to remove some defects to your car, llike fine scratches to the door handle, door panels or the trunk. This system is easy to use and comes with materials to repair multiple scratches. AUTOS, TRUCKS, TRACTOR TRAILERS, MOTORCYCLES, WATERCRAFTS - Wash

Product Features

Adopting Advanced Nanotechnology: Car scratch cloth using safe formula with nanotechnology, no pungent odor, no poison, no corrosion and won't mess up car paint.

Strong Decontamination: Strong Decontamination: The effect of removing the oxide on the surface of the vehicle protects the car paint for a long time. Suitable for all colors of the car

Note: Repair cloth can not be washed before use to ensure that the repair site has been dry. Inadvertently drop the sand ground, do not use to avoid secondary damage to the paint


Package Details

7.8 x 7 x 0.2 inches

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LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt